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Hello, my name is Adam Wilson and I'm a Web Designer born in Leeds, UK.

Currently I'm working from and based in Huddersfield.

Diamond Icon
An icon mockup for a company named Diamond Machinery.
KEN Icon
GUI for a new social media archiving tool, designed in photoshop.

KEN User Interface (Aleph Archives)

KEN Screenshot

Canadian based Aleph Archives also commissioned me to design their new softwares user interface. It was a social media archiving tool to crawl websites and gather information.

The data displayed needed to be professional and easy to interpret, allowing a new user as well as an expert to be at ease.

I used a variety of bars and graphs and furthermore included interesting ways of displaying statistics, such as using colours and icons to display information easily and cleanly.

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About Me

I'm currently in my second year studying Web Technologies at Huddersfield University, and looking for freelance web design projects to keep my brain ticking over.

I also collect vinyls, religiously use spotify, eat a whole lot of bacon, look after end up killing my bonsai tree and sustain my addiction to tea.

I am now also on Dribbble!